Typing Demo


Awesome out-of-the-box, infinitely programmable

Built on the amazing QMK engine, with massive community support.

Default QWERTY, Colemak and Dvorak layouts included.

Remap keys, layers, macros, combos, and use tap-dance functions -- all without reflashing thanks to the magic of Vial!

Banish pain with adaptive ergonomics

Perfect fit for any hand

Big hands? Small hands? Wonky finger lengths? Broke a pinky when you were three and now it's all janky? We've got you.

Individual 5-axis finger and thumb adjustability for natural hand posture.

4 axis palmrest adjustability for ultimate comfort and hand sizing.

1/4-20 mounting hardware available for chair and clamp-on mounting using standard camera hardware

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At your fingertips

Light, small, tactile

No contortions, no reaches.

Fingers move just a few mm for any keypress.

Light 25g magneto-optical keys reduce hand workload and fatigue by ~90% vs traditional keyboards, even "ergonomic" ones.

100% front-loaded force profile has a clean breakaway unlike anything else on the market.

How we got here


As a Datahand user of 20+ years, I can safely say that Datahand saved my career. I've tried everything over the years, and there's simply no comparison. When the company died, I was gutted. When one of my precious Datahand units got damaged during travel, I got serious about building a replacement.

It was around then I found out about @JesusFreke's amazing lalboard design.

Lalboard laid the foundation of basic key mechanisms which enabled Svalboard to come to life, but... it was not a production-oriented design. With my background in high volume consumer electronics and input tech development, I decided it was time for me to dive in and make it a reality.

Like Datahand. I hope Svalboard will help thousands of RSI sufferers like me enjoy a faster, safer, more precise, and most of all PAIN FREE typing experience.

A living product

Built for the Long Now

In the spirit of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, we're committed to a living design which can always be repaired, updated and modified by product owners.

All mechanical parts can be produced on a hobby-grade 3D printer, from SLA, or CNC'd from any material you like.

All pinouts are available if you want to hack your own electrical modifications, too.


Robust and Maintainable

In the proud tradition of the Datahand, we've designed Svalboard to be robust, easy-to-clean, and repairable.

Unlike Datahand, Svalboard is totally modular, for easy repairs and modifications!

There are no electromechanical contacts to wear out.

Keys are easily removable for cleaning.

Did we mention you can make your own replacement/custom-fit parts on a hobby-grade 3D printer? 🙃


Wireless bridge capable

With a Bluetooth->USB adapter (~$40 at HandheldScientific) and any sizable USB power bank, you can run your Svalboard without wires between the keyboard and your PC -- perfect for chair mounting or lap-desk designs.

It ain't elegant, but it's pretty practical.

Buy the adapter! (we're not affiliated)