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Svalboard Lightly

Svalboard Lightly

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Svalboard Lightly is a Datahand keyboard for the modern era, with total anatomical customization and integrated Trackpoint and/or trackball mouse.

Type Lightly

  • Customized anatomical fitment brings 50 keys just 1-2mm away from your fingertips and thumbs
  • 20 gram-force magneto-optical keys with instant breakaway reduce effort  and prevent overuse injuries by combining ultra-light forces with maximum tactility
  • Integrated pointing lets you stay 100% hands-down while still maintaining high productivity in any OS


  • Legendary Datahand 20g magneto-optical key mechanisms
  • Infinitely adjustable fitment system for any hand
  • Stainless steel mechanisms for super smooth tuning
  • Live-programmable keymaps, combos, tap dance, etc with
    Vial-QMK firmware - no re-flashing required
  • Chair-mount and clamp-on desk mount compatible
  • Magnetic USB-C cables included

Pointing Options

  • Trackball - single or dual
  • Trackpoint
  • Trackpoint + Trackball - L/R ("pointball") or R/L ("ballpoint")


Galaxy Black PLA or Black ABS 

Custom colors available for add'l cost and build time -- Case, Palm, Cluster and Keyset colors are the options.  More than two colors can get a bit busy, but... we like it weird here at Svalboard.


PLA is our default material.  It's strong, light, stiff, environmentally friendly, and prints beautifully at very fine layer heights.  PLA has a glass temperature of about 50C, so should be treated the same way you'd treat a nice wooden instrument or a baby -- don't leave it in a hot car or put it in the dishwasher.  We print PLA keys at 0.12mm layer height.

PLA can be thermoformed with 90C water.

ABS is an optional material for those who prefer a more rugged plastic.  It's not very environmentally unfriendly and occupationally hazardous, producing unpleasant and unhealthy fumes while it prints.  It's lighter and not quite as stiff as PLA.

ABS prints a tiny bit less crisply than PLA, but has a higher glass temperature of about 110C.  We print ABS keys at 0.15mm layer height.

ABS cannot be hot-water thermoformed.

That said, it feels amazing and has a bit more natural gloss than PLA.

All non-key parts are generally all printed at 0.2mm layer height for strength.


  • 5 axis cluster position adjustment for each finger and thumb
  • Hand size adjustment via 3-axis moveable palmrest carrier
  • Thermoformable palmrests
  • DIY-friendly palmrest carrier to attach your own custom rests

Accommodates any hand size, including individual finger length discrepancies, with continuously adjustable positioning in X/Y/Z/Roll/Yaw.


Use any layout you want, and customize on the fly with 100% free and open source software.

Shipping with QWERTY-ish, Colemak-ish and Dvorak-ish layouts by default, you may never need to touch it, but Svalboard is built with customization in mind, using the powerful open source QMK firmware project and the amazing Vial configuration tool.

Svalboard runs on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU, with an abundant 8MB of program memory, for even the most complicated keyboard FW requirements.

- Live, powerful keymap customization with Vial

- QMK under the hood

- 100% Open Source Software - free as in speech, free as in beer - always

Wireless-adapter Compatible

Modularity and Repairability

We are committed to repairability and the right to repair.  If you break something, we'll help you get it fixed.

Every component can be swapped individually -- and if you break something, replacement parts are available.

Want to print your own keys?  STLs/STEP files are available to customers, to print or modify for your personal use, and we stock the magnets you need.  Need a replacement PCB?  We've got those too.

Pinouts for all connectors and the full 0.1" header breakouts are available too, so you can expand and integrate anything else you like with the remaining free I/O pins.

Made in USA

Designed and built in Pacifica, CA, USA by a multi-decade Datahand user and professional consumer electronics developer.

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