Svalboard's key layout is an evolution of previous ergonomic keyboard layouts: row staggered, ortholinear, split ortholinear, column staggered, and splayed column staggered. Keyboards like these use switches that can only be pressed down, so their layout is limited to a flat two dimensional arrangement. Svalboard's unique magnetic switches allow keys to be tipped up into three dimensional clusters around each of your fingertips.
Key clusters center around the classic home row keys, while the keys directly above and below are be tipped up. This vertical arrangement reduces the finger movement activation distance while maintaining your typing muscle memory. The remaining keys are moved either side of the home row keys to complete each five key cluster. 
Click the "Next layout" button on the interactive demo below to see how Svalboard's layout is an evolution. Use your mouse to rotate the board and you can click keys on your own keyboard to see each letter activate.