Trial Program

Unsurprisingly, most people are in head-over-heels in love from the first moment they lay hands on Svalboard.  No consumer product, and certainly no keyboard, has ever treated your hands and fingers with such care.  It's like a bespoke dress shirt or a custom bicycle -- intimate, precise.

But learning a new keyboard is hard.  We understand that it's important to be able to lay your hands on something and feel how it fits to your body in order to assess whether it can really work for you, and give you some time to adapt to the different, incredibly responsive sensations of typing on Svalboard.

We offer a happy-medium trial program to enable curious RSI sufferers to try out Svalboard and see if it's right for them.

Buy a Svalboard Alpha and get a 3 month trial period.  If you decide to return it,  you'll receive a full refund minus a trial/refurbishment fee will be charged proportionate to the duration of the trial (from *delivery* to you to *delivery* to us), at the rate of $100 base, plus $100/mo (prorated) as long as the device is received in clean cosmetic and fully functional condition.

This gives you the incredible opportunity to try out Svalboard for an ample period of time to assess whether it's the right fit for your needs, while still making it possible for us to keep the business afloat with the necessary refurbishment/replacement of parts to make returned units saleable.

Remember: we're a tiny, bootstrap business selling a very labor-intensive physical prosthesis in a world where the competition is largely mass produced, or custom and utterly-nonrefundable.

If you have an idea for another viable approach to this aspect of the business, we're eager to hear from you at