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Svalboard Lightly Self-Print Kit - Shipping Late June 2024

Svalboard Lightly Self-Print Kit - Shipping Late June 2024

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This is a preorder - fully refundable prior to shipment.

Pointing device PCBAs sold separately, add them to your cart before checking out if desired.

The ultimate DIY keyboard project for advanced builders.  Forget the iterations of case shapes to fit your fingers -- Svalboard is infinitely adjustable and fits any hand!

Build guide is under development with collaboration from core contributors on the very lively Svalboard Discord!

Kit contents pictured approximately here, +/- a few little things still in process.

A huge thanks to for photo and build guide help!

You'll need:

- Mandatory:

  • A Prusa MK3S or better printer with a 0.4mm nozzle
  • Other recommended printers:  Bambu P1 and X1C series do *beautifully*
  • Medium CA Glue
  • Fine glue applicator tips
  • Adjustable parallel pliers (we recommend Knipex Plierswrench 180mm for best results and versatility)
  • A small flat blade screwdriver, roughly 4mm wide x 1mm thick
  • 3D printing experience.  This is an advanced build, and depending on your choice of filaments and the state of your printer, you may have to get into some moderately deep slicer configuration to get working parts

- Recommended:

  • Diamond files for part cleanup
  • #2 X-acto knife (we recommend the Kiwi, but anything will do)

Kit contents:

  • 12 PCBAs (8 finger, 2 thumb, 2 MCU)
  • Fasteners
  • FFC Cables
  • Heatset inserts
  • Rubber feet
  • Plenty of magnets (enough to make a few fixtures and some mistakes)
  • STEP files for all components and example 3MFs for printing setup
  • 2.5mm hex wrench
  • T6 Torx bit
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