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Svalboard ALPHA - Custom colors included!

Svalboard ALPHA - Custom colors included!

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[current delivery times (US Domestic) are a few weeks out, depending on options -- happy to ship internationally, but please be aware of your local customs issues]

[color choices are handled directly via conversation with the builder after ordering -- we'll work with you to figure out something gorgeous :) ]

Svalboard ALPHA - a Datahand-style keyboard for the modern world.  

An input device for anyone suffering from RSI, and for the discerning keyboard connoisseur.

Ultra light and tactile magnetic key mechanisms and an infinitely adjustable fitment system for any hand.

Designed and built in Pacifica, CA by an input device industry veteran and two-decade Datahand user, Svalboard ALPHA combines the revolutionary typing ergonomics of the Datahand (RIP) with a ground-breaking fit system and the ingenious lalboard key mechanism by @JesusFreke.

As an ALPHA customer, you'll get personal service from the builder himself in customizing your units -- colors, tent angles, and fitment.

This includes custom fitting to your personal hand anatomy *and* broader ergonomic assessment for improving your comfort and productivity.  We love helping people shape input devices to their own needs.

We will even meet you via Zoom or locally in Pacifica, CA for a 1:1 fitment session to help guide you through the process -- and so that we can learn from your valuable experiences as an ALPHA customer!


- 5 axis cluster position adjustment for each finger and thumb

- Hand size adjustment via 3-axis moveable palmrest sled

- Multiple palmrest sizes and a DIY-friendly palmrest sled to attach your own custom rests

Accommodates any hand size, including individual finger length discrepancies, with continuously adjustable positioning in X/Y/Z/Roll/Yaw.  Pitch can be altered by swapping mounting towers.


Use any layout you want, and customize on the fly with 100% free and open source software!

Default Datahand QWERTY Layout

Shipping with QWERTY-ish, Colemak-ish and Dvorak-ish layouts by default, you may never need to touch it, but Svalboard is built with customization in mind, using the powerful open source QMK firmware project and the amazing Vial configuration tool.

Svalboard runs on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU, with an abundant 8MB of program memory, for even the most complicated keyboard FW requirements.

- Vial for live keymap customization

- Full open source customization for advanced macros, combos, layers and so forth

- Support for plain QMK, too

Don't like QMK?  The RP2040 can run any firmware you like -- but you're own with that, nerrrrrd ;)

Modularity and Repairability

We are committed to repairability and the right to repair.  If you break something, we'll help you get it fixed.

Every component can be swapped individually -- and if you break something, replacement parts are available.  Want to print your own keys?  STLs are available to print or modify for your personal use, and we stock the magnets you need.  Need a replacement PCB?  We've got those too.

Pinouts for all connectors and the full 0.1" header breakouts are available too, so you can expand and integrate pointing devices, displays, or anything else you like with the remaining free I/O pins.

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