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N35 Magnets 2.00mm x 1.50mm (+/- 0.03mm)

N35 Magnets 2.00mm x 1.50mm (+/- 0.03mm)

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~200 pcs for self-print experimentation, mods or repairs

These are the same magnets I use to build Svalboard, ordered from the same source with the same quality control process.

You can definitely get them *much* cheaper from AliExpress, and I encourage you do so if you are outside the USA/Canada, have the time or are short of funds -- shipping these isn't really a great use of *my* time.

However, the products available on AliExpress do have higher variability in terms of force.  I've seen as much as a 30% difference in strength.  If you're self-printing, this doesn't really matter, since you can just calibrate it in by using less key magnet offset.

Up to you :)

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