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Extra Side Key Set

Extra Side Key Set

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Want to try out some lighter or heavier keys, or a different width/shape/height?

Order a full set of side keys in your choice of force, width and height.

Custom colors available from stock.

Includes 8x N, 24x S/E/W keys.  Free domestic shipping!

Force Options:

  • 0.6 offset:  ~25g, default
  • 0.7 offset:  ~20g, default
  • 0.8 offset: ~15g, Light
  • 0.9 offset:  ~11g, XLight
  • 1.0 offset: ~8g, XXLight 

Side Key Height Options

  • 6.5mm default
  • 7.8mm tall
  • 11mm (North keys)

Width options

  • Snug
  • Wide
  • Extra Wide 
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